Update on Recent DDoS Attacks (有關最近 DDoS 攻擊的最新消息)

In the spirit of transparency, we are making available some of the information about the recent DDoS attacks:

  • We suspect the attacks were launched in retaliation.
  • In mid-January, the attacker targeted game.trilogy.hk, which pointed to the IP address of the game server.
  • We stopped updating game.trilogy.hk to point to the new IP addresses of the game server in late-January, and game service resumed in that period.
  • In early-February, the attacker launched the attacks directly to the IP address of the game server, and continued even after we changed the IP address.

We condemn any party involved in the attacks. We strongly urge players who have information pertaining to the attacks to contact us immediately at admin [@ at] trilogy [. dot] hk. We appreciate your help in advance.


以下為有關近期 DDoS 攻擊的資料:

  • 我們懷疑這些攻擊可能是報復行為。
  • 在一月中,攻擊者攻擊 game.trilogy.hk,這個域名當時指向伺服器的 IP 地址。
  • 在一月尾我們停止將 game.trilogy.hk 指向伺服器的新 IP 地止,遊戲服務恢復正常。
  • 在二月頭,攻擊者直接攻擊遊戲伺服器的 IP 地址。縱使我們更改了 IP 地址,攻擊者也會繼續攻擊。

我們強烈譴責是次攻擊事件。我們呼籲,如玩家有任何關於攻擊的資料,請立即與我們聯絡,電郵為 admin [@ at] trilogy [. dot] hk。多謝您的協助。

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It is actually pretty funny this guy has so much time in hand to perennially track our new IP addresses. I would rather use the time to do something else that is constructive and meaningful.

The Hypochondriac
on February 8, 2014 19:26:05

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