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Service Interruption Notice (服務受阻通告) [Updated x2] has unfortunately been the target of a spate of denial-of-service (DoS) attacks over the past few weeks. Game service is therefore unstable, and sometimes completely unavailable.

We hereby apologize profusely for any inconvenience and frustration this has caused to our players and our devoted fans.

Until the onslaught of attacks is over, we expect service to remain unstable. is actively taking measures to mitigate the attacks and working to restore normal service as soon as possible. is undertaking an investigation into the attacks. If you have any information that you believe to be useful in the investigation or relevant to the attacks, please contact us immediately at admin [at @] trilogy [dot .] hk. Please include your in-game player name in the e-mail. We thank you in advance for your assistance in tracking this down.

UPDATED Jan. 21, 2014: We believe the attacks are over and game service is working properly. However, investigation has not ended. Please contact us if you have any information. Thank you.

UPDATE Feb. 6, 2014: is being attacked again and we apologize for the inconvenience caused. We will resume normal service as soon as possible.


過去幾週, 不斷遭受洪水攻擊(DoS 攻擊),導致遊戲伺服器不穩,甚至無法運作。我們為今次事件對玩家造成的不便致歉。

除非攻擊停止,遊戲伺服器將繼續不穩。我們正設法緩和這些攻擊,並冀望盡早恢復正常服務。 已經開始調查今次事件。如您有對本次事件有關的資料,請立即與我們聯絡,電郵地址為 admin [at @] trilogy [dot .] hk。請在電郵中加上您遊戲中的名字。我們對您的協助深表感激。

一月二十一日更新:我們相信攻擊已經停止, 遊戲服務也運作正常。但調查尚未停止,如有資料請聯絡我們。謝謝。

二月六日更新 再次受到攻擊,我們為此致歉。我們會盡快恢復正常服務。

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Service Interruption Notice (服務受阻通告) [Updated x2] servers will be relocated between October 24 and 26. During this time, all game servers will be shut down to allow us to reconfigure the game servers and perform final testing. Your statistical data will remain intact. The website will remain functional.

We hereby apologize for the longer-than-usual downtime and we hope to see you on October 27!

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Service Interruption Notice (服務受阻通告) [Updated x2]

Our server is back up!
Please find our servers on the server list as we are forced to change the IP after the incident.
Thank you for waiting!

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Service Interruption Notice (服務受阻通告) [Updated x2]

Ok this is not 1984. Trilogy does not follow totalitarianism.

Yet, we’ve receive more reports from players concerning the prevalent activities of hackers on our servers. In a bid to keep these pesky hackers away from our servers as soon as possible, we are here to introduce…


The moderators, as known as mods, are part of the Trilogy team. Handpicked and carefully assessed by the Admins, these elite mods are responsible for maintaining law and order in the servers. Their identity will be hidden, so you’ll have no idea whether you are playing with them. But guys, I assure you, the mods will act as ordinary players if you are…. Well, ordinary. However, if someone ever dare to put a finger across the line, then the mods will take action immediately, without you even noticing.

With the introducing of mods, we sincerely hope that players can enjoy themselves in our server without the presence of mischievous players.

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Service Interruption Notice (服務受阻通告) [Updated x2]

On July 14, 2012, the server statistics will be reset. Your ranks, kill counts and points will be restored to default. This gives every player a fair chance to work on their ranks. The next reset after that is scheduled to be conducted on October 14, 2012.

You can check your ranks here.

Until then, happy fragging.