Ok this is not 1984. Trilogy does not follow totalitarianism.

Yet, we’ve receive more reports from players concerning the prevalent activities of hackers on our servers. In a bid to keep these pesky hackers away from our servers as soon as possible, we are here to introduce…


The moderators, as known as mods, are part of the Trilogy team. Handpicked and carefully assessed by the Admins, these elite mods are responsible for maintaining law and order in the servers. Their identity will be hidden, so you’ll have no idea whether you are playing with them. But guys, I assure you, the mods will act as ordinary players if you are…. Well, ordinary. However, if someone ever dare to put a finger across the line, then the mods will take action immediately, without you even noticing.

With the introducing of mods, we sincerely hope that players can enjoy themselves in our server without the presence of mischievous players.

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on October 26, 2012 20:22:25

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