Statistics Have Been Reset and the First Awardees of Rewards!

As usual, we’ve just reset our stats database so that players have a fair chance to climb to the top. The next reset is scheduled to be conducted on January 14, 2013.

This also marks the first time we’ve awarded players Mann. Co. Supply Create Keys. We’d like to congratulate the following players for having the highest HLStatsX points or the highest playtimes! Note that the Steam player names below are taken from their last appearance on servers.

Best-Performing Players

1. Vinven – 41940 points (awarded)
2. masoduregi – 30185 points (awarded)
3. 巨陽座 GIANT!! – 26255 points (awarded)

Most Loyal Players

1. Suzumiya Haruhi – 15d 16:24:14h (awarded)
2. masoduregi – 15d 05:41:59h (awarded)
3. [Top]ALmay – 12d 19:20:34h (awarded)

We will reach these players shortly. Please note that if players do not respond by October 21, 2012 12:00 AM (GMT +8), we’ll pick the next winning player.

If you don’t make it to the above lists, don’t be disappointed! As mentioned, we’ve just reset the database and you can again compete your way to the top, as we’ll pick the 3 best-performing players and 3 most loyal players on the next reset! We’d like to thank EVERY player who has played on our servers for their unremitting support for us. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. So, thank you again!

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Wait, what? I spent 15 days 16 hours on the game in the past 3 months?? Oh my god....

Suzumiya Haruhi
on October 14, 2012 23:27:14

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