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An Advanced Pyro Guide: Pub edition – by Necro


Alright, due to certain influences of a certain admin, I have decided to write an advanced pub Pyro guide. I’m going to skip over all the bullcrap about health and movement, since it /is/ an advanced guide after all.

Before we get to the juicy bits, I’m going to take a moment to say this is a subjective guide. Pyro is nothing about objectivity, it’s all about personal feelings and a connection to the game above all else. Because of this, it’s very different compared to other classes.


The Servers Got Two New Items… Wait, the Servers?

For some reason over the weekend we got two new items. Not the players, not the admins, but the servers. Yes you heard me right. The servers. You must be wondering why servers get items too when they are of no use. Well, we were originally as perplexed as you probably are. Upon investigation we noticed they’re something different…


Summer Heat Escape 2012 – Now Live! [Updated]

Summer Heat Escape 2012 has officially launched!

Go to game.trilogy.hk:27019 and join in the fun now!

UPDATE: The latest update to Team Fortress 2 broke the Wario Ware mod and the game could not start. We are actively working on a fix – and in the meantime the server is locked to facilitate the progress. We apologize for the inconvenience caused, and we encourage you to check out our other servers while we fix the issue.

It’s Scorching Hot Outside!

So let’s elude the heat with…

Trilogy.hk Summer Heat Escape 2012!

Just in time for the season! From July 26 through the end of August, we will be hosting an all-new server that runs BOTH Prop Hunt and TF2 Wario Ware alternately.

We all love summer but hate the heat! So let’s enjoy this wonderful season by escaping from it! Get to be props and escape from pyro’s flames! Complete mini challenges! Only from Trilogy.hk. Servers will run 24/7 until 31 August, so you have plenty of time to enjoy!

Statistics Have Been Reset… And Announcing Trilogy.hk Rewards!

In case you haven’t noticed, the rankings have been reset on 14th July. The next reset is scheduled to be conducted on 14th October 2012.

You might be wondering why we reset the statistics regularly. The reason is that we want the statistics to be as accurate as possible and fair, so that players have a fair chance to compete their way to the top.

We also want to reward players for their unremitting support for Trilogy, so we hereby annuonce…

Trilogy.hk Rewards

On each statistics reset, we will select the top THREE players and THREE players with the most playtime since the last reset and they will be awarded a Mann Co. Supply Crate Key.


  • This program is only open to players residing in the Asia continent who have played at least once on any of the public Trilogy.hk servers, excluding the Events & Scrim server and the Summer Heat Escape server since the last reset. These players are automatically enrolled.
  • Admins of public Trilogy.hk servers, except those of the Events & Scrim server and the Summer Heat Escape server, should not be part of the program.
  • Players may get multiple keys for being both one of the best performing players and one of the players with the highest playtime.
  • Idle time does not count towards playtime.
  • Player performance is measured with HLStatsX points, which can be viewed at http://www.trilogy.hk/rankings/hlstats.php?mode=players&game=tf&sort=skill&sortorder=desc.
  • Player playtime is measured using HLStatsX automatically, which can be viewed at http://www.trilogy.hk/rankings/hlstats.php?mode=players&game=tf&sort=connection_time&sortorder=desc.
  • Players who have been banned are not eligible for the program.
  • If a winning player cannot be reached within 7 days of the reset, the player is disqualified and the next winning player is chosen.

Statistics Will Be Reset On July 14

On July 14, 2012, the server statistics will be reset. Your ranks, kill counts and points will be restored to default. This gives every player a fair chance to work on their ranks. The next reset after that is scheduled to be conducted on October 14, 2012.

You can check your ranks here.

Until then, happy fragging.

Why Haven’t We Implemented Something When Everyone Else Has?

Often do we receive questions from our fellow gamers: “Hey, why isn’t there a high ping kicker?” “Auto-team should be installed to prevent team stacking.” “Why aren’t there class limits? We have five Spies on our team!”

The answers to these questions are simple: We have always adhered to our principle that the simpler the better. We are avid believers that the less plugins the servers have, the better the experience is. This is not a conclusion based on our imaginative thinking, it’s solely based on our experiences as we are also players and found such plugins only adversely affect the gameplay.

High ping players are usually unscrupulous foreign players that have accidentally joined a foreign server (in their eyes). While it may seem to be an enticing idea that by installing a high ping kicker that kicks these players, the server burden is alleviated, how many high ping players do continue to endure the unacceptable lags due to the distant geographical location? These players, as our records show, usually complain and leave soon. A high ping kicker does nothing except for expediting the disconnection of the high ping player in question. But the downsides of doing so outweigh the advantages, as the plugin constantly scans the players for their latencies, which does the exact opposite of what it is supposed to do – alleviate server burden. Kicking the players also creates a bad impression on them.


A Basic Spy Guide – by Billie Joe

Since Team Fortress 2 went Free-to-Play, most new players are fascinated by the Spy class and fill up teams with 5-6 spies (And some servers now limit this class to 2 per team). However, most rookies have some common problems:

  1. Using Ambassador (Without knowing how to headshot), Your Eternal Reward, C&D and sit in the corner of the map for 5 minutes or whatsoever ‘Waiting for the right moment to strike’.
  2. Attempts to poke people in the face and backstab sentries.
  3. Misuse of Dead Ringer and always get caught while decloaking.

Of course there are a lot of other problems, the above problems are only a few. In light of the above, I am going to talk about the ins and outs to become a spy that your teammates love and your enemies fear.


Introducing Admin’s Ramblings

At Trilogy we have always maintained a great relationship with players. In an ongoing effort to make the relationship much more intimate, we are introducing a whole new section for admins to post their thoughts – Admin’s Ramblings.

Residing in the section you are looking at, Admin’s Ramblings will host just about everything they think about the game. It can be what they think of the latest trend in Team Fortress 2, or even guides.

The News section has been relocated to the sidebar to accomodate this all-new section. Look forward to what our admins think!